5 ways to follow NewsJunk

For now there are five main ways to consume the flow:

1. Refresh the home page periodically.

2. Subscribe to the RSS feed.

3. Follow it on Twitter.

4. Befriend it on FriendFeed.

5. Watch for developments on this weblog.

There will be more ways, for sure, soooon! 🙂

Still diggin!


New url-shortener for NewsJunk

NewsJunk now has its own url-shortener, x.newsjunk.com.

Not earth-shaking, for sure, but a milestone nonetheless.

Here’s a screen shot that illustrates.

A milestone

I was just scanning headlines in FriendFeed, and saw an item from NewsJunk that informed me that HRC will call Obama the nominee if he gets the magic number. Then it caught up with me, I hadn’t posted it!

Change in NewsJunk’s feed

A minor change to the NewsJunk RSS feed this evening.

Each that comes from a feed now has a element, per the RSS 2.0 spec, that identifies the feed the item came from.

Here’s a screen shot that illustrates.

A picture named sourceExample.gif

Click on the pic for a full look.

New: Calendars & archives

Today’s first new feature on newsjunk.com (there may be more, knock wood) — there’s now a calendar on the home page, and a system of archive pages.

So you can now go back and see what was politically hot news on any given day (starting in May of this year of course).

Here’s a screen shot of what the calendar looks like.

Here’s an example of an archive page.

Newsjunk podcast with Joe Trippi

We just did a podcast with Democratic consultant Joe Trippi about today’s Democratic Rules Committee meeting, and the next steps in the nominating process. You can listen to our first podcast, or subscribe for now through Scripting News

We’re tracking today’s Dem Rules Committee meeting

All the blogs and major news outlets are covering the amazing Democratic Rules Committee meeting.

We’re tracking the stories as they come in on the new home page of the NewsJunk site.


This is the first public viewing of our Open Campaign Briefing Book.

More on the philosophy of it later, but today there’s TONS of news.

Ickes predicts defection

Tomorrow is a big day in Democratic politics.


Nicco — any ideas about this?

Welcome to the NewsJunk blog!

Welcome to the NewsJunk blog, it’s part of a project that I’m starting up with my friend Nicco Mele.

It’s about the news of politics. We’re not going for the cream of the crop, we’re not distillers, we’re wholesalers, a proprietor of bulk news. The river floweth here. Don’t blink you might miss a scandal. 🙂

It’s called NewsJunk cause it’s for junkies, not mere users. 🙂

The blog is just a small part of the project. More will be revealed in due time.

PS: The Twitter feed NewsJunkies is one way of getting the flow, and it’s just getting started. We’d have rather called it NewsJunk of course, but there already was an account with that name.