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7 ways to follow NewsJunk

For now there are five main ways to consume the flow:

1. Refresh the home page periodically.

2. Subscribe to the RSS feed.

3. Follow it on Twitter.

4. Read it on your iPhone.

5. Befriend it on FriendFeed.

6. Receive emails through Google Groups.

7. Watch for developments on this weblog.

Still diggin!

PS: You can include NewsJunk headlines on your blog or site.


New: Calendars & archives

Today’s first new feature on (there may be more, knock wood) — there’s now a calendar on the home page, and a system of archive pages.

So you can now go back and see what was politically hot news on any given day (starting in May of this year of course).

Here’s a screen shot of what the calendar looks like.

Here’s an example of an archive page.