How to follow NewsJunk on Facebook

It’s easy — we created a person for you to befriend, someone named John Newsjunk, who magically says exactly the same things that says through Twitter.

Here’s how to…

1. Search for “John Newsjunk”

2. “Add as friend”.

3. We’ll approve all friend requests.

You can follow NewsJunk through status updates on Facebook.


4 comments so far

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  2. Joe Lazarus on

    Out of curiosity, why did you set this up as a person on Facebook, as opposed to an app or a fan page? If Facebook catches wind of it, they’ll probably delete the John Newsjunk profile since it’s not a real person.

  3. Jeremy on

    You could make the profile public so people can get an idea of what it looks like before subscribing.

  4. Nicco on

    We made it a person so that the status updates show up in your Newsfeed, like twitter. It was the easiest way to do that – I don’t think Fan pages talk to the Newsfeed like that and the API limits what you can do with an application. Individuals control the privacy settings and what shows up in the Newsfeed, but the defaults favor friends for inclusion in the Newsfeed. But if I’m wrong, let me know…! And thanks, we’ll make the profile public right now.

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