Welcome to the NewsJunk blog!

Welcome to the NewsJunk blog, it’s part of a project that I’m starting up with my friend Nicco Mele.

It’s about the news of politics. We’re not going for the cream of the crop, we’re not distillers, we’re wholesalers, a proprietor of bulk news. The river floweth here. Don’t blink you might miss a scandal. 🙂

It’s called NewsJunk cause it’s for junkies, not mere users. 🙂

The blog is just a small part of the project. More will be revealed in due time.

PS: The Twitter feed NewsJunkies is one way of getting the flow, and it’s just getting started. We’d have rather called it NewsJunk of course, but there already was an account with that name.


5 comments so far

  1. Nicco on


  2. swampcast on

    Greetings from the Swamp. We’re online and subscribed…


    Michael Levin

  3. Noah Kunin on

    Looking forward to hearing lots more.

  4. Joe Trippi on

    Thanks guys — it looks like this would have been a fun project to work together on — instead I will look forward to your tweets!

  5. Ken Smith on

    I’m enjoying this new resource, but I can’t quite tell what I’m looking at — are these news articles being found and posted by a clever program or by one or more clever people? What principles are guiding the selection? If the site was a little more revealing, I’d have a clearer sense of the feed’s value. Thanks for any clues you’re willing to provide.

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